Owner-operated since it’s founding in 1990, MeL-Co® has built its reputation on the diligent work and comprehensive knowledge of its scientific team, CEO Miles Chedekel and President Lisa Zeise, in the field of natural products development. Dr. Chedekel is a research scientist and professor of environmental health sciences. He holds a PhD in Natural Products Research from University of Minnesota. He spent six years teaching in the Department of Chemistry at Ohio State University, eight years as a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Dermatology, while also conducting research on the effects of sunlight and melanin on the skin at The Johns Hopkins University. His research and business partner, Dr. Lisa Zeise, has a PhD in Environmental Chemistry from The Johns Hopkins University. Her dissertation entitled “Bioanalytical Studies of Melanins,” is the foundation from which the Quality Department at MeL-Co was built.

MeL-Co was founded on the premise that the natural melanin from the ink of cephalopods such as squid is the ideal source upon which to build the new generation of melanin based sun care products. Since its inception, MeL-Co has added a multitude of natural products derived from botanical sources, each designed to work with your body to maintain harmony with nature. We also offer certified organic and vegan products, all of which meet strict regulations and standards. Because of our team of internationally recognized melanin and natural products scientists, MeL-Co is in the unique position to offer the technical support necessary to create and develop new products and markets. Our product offerings have properties, which can be utilized to nourish the skin and hair and to minimize and reverse the damage to skin and hair caused by sunlight.